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All models in this catalog were created by Mike James, using The Foundry's "MODO" software.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing any 3D model, see the info page here. This will show you my simple and fair licensing agreement, and will answer the most common questions about file formats, and how certain features transfer between them. All sales are final.

Updates for fall, 2020:

To purchase any model in this catalog, simply Email me with your request. I will then email you a copy of the licensing agreement, along with a PayPal "money request", for the amount shown here. Once payment is received, I will then provide you with a link for direct download of your file(s).

The digital nature of these products means that they could be copied and redistributed, which not only kills your investment, but harms my business. Today, my simple licensing agreement gives you permission to use these models in any image or animation as you wish, with no requirement to credit me, (although appreciated) but prohibits you from redistributing them in any way. Naturally, I do custom models too, so if you have a project in mind, contact me. I've put together a brief pricing guide here, which will give you an idea of what to expect. My business involves all kinds of 3D modeling, rendering, and animation, in addition to aircraft. In addition to the standard polygonal formats, I also have the ability to produce files for use in higher-end CAD software, and/or for traditional machining. (IGES, STEP, SAT, 3DM, and STL) This means that I can model custom 3D projects for you, with the final output goal being machine-ready parts.

NEW: For those of you with larger needs, such as production companies, there's an option to buy the entire catalog for one hugely-discounted price. See the bottom of this page. And, for those of you that prefer less expensive, low-poly assets, I'm now also offering 36 low-polygon models, to use in your games, or simply as low-overhead props in your 3D scenes. They are available individually, or as a collection, and area also at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for your continued support!
- Mike James

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(Shown here arranged by cost, high to low)

Piaggio "Avanti II" P180 in Extreme Detail

Available now in ".lxo" format now - Other formats available on request.

Thanks to excellent documentation, this model features a highly accurate exterior and structural components, and (in .lxo format) is rigged for animation. Controls in the cockpit are rigged to move with the external flight controls, and the model includes the cables, pulleys, and servos that make up the control system, as well as moderately-detailed engines, variable-pitch propellers, and much more. It's the primary subject on my latest tutorial set, "Modeling with MODO, Volume Six". More info on that tutorial, including preview movies, here.

This model is entirely Catmull-Clark surfaces, making it suitable for high-resolution displays, and virtually future-proof for higher-resolution needs in the future. An "Evo" version is coming soon.

Click here to view the model's details

Piaggio "Avanti II" P180 - Rigged for animation
$600 U.S.

Cessna 310K in Museum Scale

This model features an accurate exterior, along with a paint scheme based on an actual aircraft, (N6935L) structural interior for the fuselage, wings, tail parts, and landing gear, completely-detailed cabin and cockpit, and (in .lxo format) is rigged for animation. It's the primary subject in my tutorial set, "Modeling with MODO, Volume Four - Details". More info on that tutorial, including preview movies, here.

This model has been featured on British TV's "World's Scariest Plane Landings", and also on The Foundry's "MODO in Design" page.

Click here to view the model's details

Cessna 310K - Rigged for animation
$400 U.S.

Boeing 747-8 "Intercontinental"

This is a highly-detailed, heavily rigged aircraft, suitable for posing and animating in a variety of ground and flight situations. Switchable lighting makes it suitable for night shots too. There is a moderately-detailed cabin included, so that seats will be visible through the windows, and a cargo bay with operating doors, should you choose to utilize that space.

This model has been featured in two books on aviation technology, in an article in "Metalworking World" magazine, in the Smithsonian "Air & Space" iPad edition, in an article in "3D Artist Magazine", and in a report by a an organization representing airport firefighters.

See all the details by clicking here.

Boeing 747-8 "Intercontinental" - Rigged for animation
Price: $400 U.S.

Boeing 727-100 "D. B. Cooper" version

An accurate exterior model of the historic Boeing 727-100, including a moderately-detailed cabin interior, operating flight controls, landing gear, rear "airstair" door, and an internal and external lighting system. Shown here in the Midwest paint scheme, as was used in the infamous "D. B. Cooper" hijacking incident. It was used by the History Channel for their "D. B. Cooper - Case Closed" movie.

This model is "movie ready", and has already been used in several presentations, pitching the idea for a new "D.B. Cooper" movie. We'll see... The "non D. B. Cooper" version was also featured in February, 2016, in some animation I did for Emilio Corsetti's new book, "Scapegoat", on the unfortunate saga of TWA Flight 841.
View the book trailer here.

See all the details by clicking here.

Boeing 727-100 - Rigged for animation
Price: $500 U.S.

Boeing 787-8 "Dreamliner

Boeing's new 787-8 "Dreamliner, available in several color schemes, and rigged for animation, with operating flight controls, landing gear, and external lighting system. Interior includes a moderately-detailed cockpit, but no cabin interior at this time. In "lxo" format, there is even a control for changing the amount of wing flex.

This model has been featured in one of Andreas Fecker's books on aviation technology, and used in several TV commercials.

See all the details by clicking here.

Boeing 787-8 - Rigged for animation
Price: $375 U.S.

Lockheed Martin F-22 "Raptor"

Accurate exterior model of the F-22, with animated flight controls, including thrust vectoring, opening cockpit, retractable landing gear, opening weapons bay doors, and much more. Shown here in the Elmendorf AFB (Anchorage, Alaska) color scheme.

This model has been used in a USAF proposal, as well as several movie-style animations.

See all the details by clicking here.

Lockheed Martin F-22 "Raptor"
Price: $400 U.S.

General Electric "GEnx 1B" High-bypass Turbofan

This is the high-bypass turbofan used in Boeing's new 787-8 "Dreamliner. It's hierarchy is organized so that each rea-world module can be shown separately if you like. Although a cutaway is shown here, (done with MODO's "render boolean" function) the entire engine is modeled. All of the centers on the rotating parts are set up for proper rotation in animation.

The interior colors shown here are a simple piece of "airflow-shaped" geometry, colored with a transparent gradient, representing the gas temperature. It can simply be toggled on or off.

This model has been featured in one of Andreas Fecker's books on aviation technology, and in The Foundry's Gallery.

See all the details by clicking here.

General Electric "GEnx" High-bypass Turbofan - Rigged for animation
Price: $375 U.S.

Cessna T-50 "Bobcat"/"Bamboo Bomber"

Extremely detailed exterior, interior, structure, engines, animated flight controls, retractable landing gear, and both an internal and external lighting system. Details even include all the control cables and pulleys, realistic engines, fabric "sag" between ribs, etc..

This model was featured in "Scale International Magazine", and in a book called "Fundamentals of Aircraft and Airship Design - Volume II - Airship Design, published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

See all the details by clicking here.

Cessna T-50 "Bobcat"/"Bamboo Bomber"
Price: $350 U.S.

"L Craft" - Future Fighter Concept

A future fighter concept, with Air Force markings, imagining a vehicle that can operate in the atmosphere, under water, or in space, equally well. In native MODO format, it includes a pop-up controller allowing you to animate the complete interior and exterior lighting system, turn the pilot's head, open and close the canopy, retract and extend the landing gear, open and close the weapons bay doors, open and close a nose cone containing an emitter weapon, a retractable boarding ladder, and even includes a slider to vary the "wear and tear" from a new, factory look, to a worn and scratched effect. All wheels rotate properly when moved along the ground.

See all the details by clicking here.

"L Craft" Future Fighter Concept
Price: $300 U.S.

QC-2 "Quantum Cruiser"

An original design for a future executive transport craft. Although whimsical in nature, it includes a well thought-out exterior and detailed interior, including cockpit. Landing gear, cabin and baggage doors, landing gear, engine access bay, and nose "radome" are all animated, as well as an exterior and interior lighting system. There is even a retractable "death ray" in the nose compartment. Both the exterior and interior include a variety of humorous touches, including warning placards, etc..

See all the details by clicking here.

QC-2 "Quantum Cruiser"
Price: $300 U.S.

Northrop T-38 "Talon"

The T-38 includes a scale exterior, medium-level interior, and (in .lxo format) is rigged for animation, including the flight controls, retractable landing gear with sequencing doors, and along with the lighting system, an animated beacon and retractable landing light. Since the documentation used is public domain, all those documents are included, as well as the original sub-d parts and boolean cutters, so you can see the methods used to build it.

Click here to see the details.

Northrop T-38 "Talon" - Rigged for animation
$200.00 U.S.

Beechcraft/Raytheon King Air B200
Price: $200.00 U.S.

Rutan's Berkut/Long EZ
Price: $200.00 U.S.

The "n" Projects - A variety of futuristic models in one package
Price: $100 U.S.

Drum setup ("Radio King" Buddy Rich-style setup)
Price: $75.00 U.S.

Boeing X-32
Price: $25.00 U.S.

NASA/Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas X-36
Price: $25.00 U.S.

J-50 (fictional) Private Fighter Jet (Also suitable for RC)
Price: $25 U.S.

Volvo 7700 Hybrid Bus (Exterior only)
Price: $25 U.S.

LOW-RES Catalog:

Game designers, or anyone who needs fast, low-polygon assets for their 3D scenes will appreciate this collection of 36 aircraft. The collection includes civilian and military transports, airliners, etc.. Each one is less than 5000 polygons, and can be dropped into any 3D scene, with low associated overhead.
Click here for the LOW_RES models preview page.

Prices for LOW-RES models:

These low-poly models are $30 each. You can buy the entire catalog of 36 low-res aircraft for $800. (Normally $1080 if purchased individually)

Purchasing the whole catalog can save you time and money.

If you operate in a production environment, and often need "pre-fab" models, purchasing the whole catalog is an option that can save you time and money. Email me, if you're interested in any of the following options: Prices shown here are for the models in .lxo (MODO) format. Depending on the formats you require, there may be an additional charge.

  • Purchase the entire HIGH-RES catalog - $4000 (Normally $4725 if purchased individually)
  • Purchase the entire LOW-RES catalog - $800 (Normally, $1080 if purchased individually)
  • Purchase both the HiGH-RES AND LOW-RES catalog - $4700 (Normally $5225 if purchased individually)

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