NOTE: I am not at liberty to redistribute the documentation used to build this model.

Gulfstream G650 Business Jet

Gulfstream's latest business jet is not only a phenomenal performer, but gorgeous… irresistible for me, as a modeler, so here we go…

I started this project in 2009, but abandoned it, due to lack of documentation. (The actual aircraft had not yet flown yet,) Now that the G650 has successfully made it's maiden flights, more documentation, photos, and video are becoming available, so I'm ready to continue.

Like my other aircraft models, I'll start from the outside, and move in, creating the exterior shapes first and refining them, then gradually moving to control surfaces, landing gear, and a complete interior. Many of the introductory steps are shown in screen-capture video, in "Modeling with MODO, Volume Two".

Setup and start:

The first step was the usual one of finding the best 3-views I could, and slicing them up in PhotoShop, to use in MODO as backdrop images. The first thing you'll notice in this beginning section is that the side view shows the aircraft's "cruise angle" (more level than when on the ground) so the nose gear seems to float off the ground. That's intentional, for now. As I find out more about the nose gear compression length, I'll adjust the model.

I began by building the fuselage, wings, tail surfaces, engines, and the wheels, all in sub-d. I'll continue refining these for a while, until I'm satisfied that they're correct, based on these 3-views, and my growing collection of photos and video.

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