The "QC 2" ("Quantum Cruiser 2") business aircraft

Like most 3D artists, I've created my share of "futuristic" vehicles. This one, although fictional, is designed to be practical, as a business aircraft of the future. My aviation background helped a lot with this project.

Some things, such as the materials and propulsion, are of course, entirely fictional. But as much as possible, other features were thought out. The interior features a detailed cockpit, entrance stairway, closet with clothing bags, cabin with seats, video displays, etc., a restroom, galley, access to the luggage compartment, and an engine compartment. There's even a shower, since this vehicle was designed to provide traveling support for about one week.

NOTE: Most images on this page are larger than what's displayed here. So, if you drag them to your desktop, you can view a larger version. (typically 1200 pixels wide)

The existing model:

A couple of animations...

Deployment of the "death ray"

A brief tour of the exterior, and a takeoff

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