Beechcraft/Raytheon Super King Air B200

Better technology...

In about 2001, I built a 3D model of the B200 in Carrara, for manufacturing of a radio-controlled, 1/6th scale flying B200. The B200 has now been completely rebuilt in MODO, and is a LOT better in every way.

In 2009/2010, I did a variety of images and animations for a company that trains King Air pilots, and it is now part of an FAA-approved flight training program. The techniques for modeling all the internal systems (not included in this model) are a large part of my second MODO-specific tutorial, "Modeling with MODO, Volume Two".

The B200 construction article is here.

The King Air B200:

Click here for a 1200 X 720 movie of this model, in a separate window. (27 MB MP4)

What's included:

If you're a MODO user, then you get the file in native ".lxo" format. Be sure and let me know you're a MODO user when you contact me.

Whenever possible, images were used for things like the complex instrument panel, and parts were only modeled when they would be animated. (knobs, buttons, switches) So, you can see in the next two images that one is texture-mapped, and one is the actual geometry alone. (ambient occlusion output)

The images used as texture maps in the cockpit are proprietary to the company I did the training project for, and cannot be included. But, you can find images on the internet that will work, from many sources. Some other textures and markings may not transfer, due to the way that various 3D software handles these things. But, ALL of the geometry is there.

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