The "L Craft" Future Fighter Concept

A future fighter concept, from the year 2040.

Designed to operate in the atmosphere, under water, or in space, equally well. In native MODO format, it includes a pop-up controller allowing you to animate the complete interior and exterior lighting system, turn the pilot's head, open and close the canopy, retract and extend the landing gear, open and close the weapons bay doors, open and close a nose cone containing an emitter weapon, a retractable boarding ladder, and even includes a slider to vary the "wear and tear" from a new, factory look, to a worn and scratched effect. All wheels rotate properly when moved along the ground.

If you'd like to see the development of this model, the follow-along article is here.

NOTE: Most images on this page are larger than what's displayed here. So, if you drag them to your desktop, you can view a larger version. (typically 1920 pixels wide)

The existing model:

Features (Available when in MODO ("lxo) or FBX format)

  • Detailed cockpit with lighting controls
  • Canopy opens and closes (includes animated jackscrew)
  • Landing/Taxi lights, flashing beacons and wingtip position lights
  • Simulated thrust uses volumetric light
  • Retractable landing gear with sequencing doors (Wheels roll properly when on ground)
  • Opening/Closing Weapons bays (with weapons) and opening/closing radome (with radar)
  • Animated retraction/extension of boarding ladder
  • Animated pilot head, for turning left and right

Bonus - Adjustable "Wear and Tear"

You can have your "L Craft" in any condition you like, from factory-new to battle-worn, by simply moving a slider.
This animation shows the effect, going from new to worn, in 10 seconds.

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