Boeing 747-8 "Intercontinental" project:

A little paint...

I haven't settled on the final paint scheme yet, but the plane looks a little bare with no markings at all. So, I've added the Boeing logo, in the position it was in on the test aircraft.

Flap Track fairings:

I expect to be doing a LOT of work on the landing gear next, including the landing gear doors in both the wing and the wing/fuselage fairing. Part of that preparation is to be sure that the flap track fairings are in the right position, so they don't interfere with the inboard landing gear doors. These aren't quite the right shape yet, (still tweaking) but they're very close to being in the right position.

Here's what we've got so far...

Cargo bay:

I have to know, when I build the landing gear, that it doesn't interfere with the cargo bay area. So, building a cargo bay had to be done before the landing gear. This one isn't finished, but will work for interference checking, and the second image shows the problem, with my proxy landing gear parts from the Boeing 787-8 protruding into the cargo bay.

Main Gear Mechanics:

The main landing gear sequence, including what goes on with the doors, is not terribly complex, but it does call for several things to happen in order. As the plane takes off, all the oleos extend somewhat, then the landing gear "trucks" (where the wheels are attached) rotate, with the outboard mains rotating more than the inboard mains. Once rotated, they can be tucked into the gear bays. Here's what I've come up with so far. (Many landing gear parts omitted in this test, to concentrate on the struts, pivot points, oleos, and wheel truck angles.

Preliminary rigging:

I should have some better documentation on the landing gear in a few days, so while waiting, I've done a little preliminary rigging on the flight controls in the wings. Here, you can see the inboard and outboard flaps are deployed, and (new to this 747) the outboard ailerons are drooped. Both sets of spoilers are up.

Landing Gear:

First step was to create new wheels and tires for the mains. I've dumped all my proxy parts from the 787 project, and am starting fresh, since the 747-8 landing gear is completely different.

The outboard side of the main wheels

The inboard side (brakes)

Starting on the struts and linkage

Often, I have to work from photographs alone, and as you might expect, it's not easy. In this case, I found a very nice PDF document online, from "Hogeschool van Amsterdam". (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) which was an engineering study of the 747's landing gear. This is a huge help, in getting all the critical pivot points in the proper places, so I can rig the gear effectively later. Special thanks to them! ( link to the school site, here )

A couple of screen captures showing the references mentioned above.

More progress...

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