Cessna 310K - Verifying the shapes, and closing the holes

The Cessna 310 is too gorgeous to skimp on the details, so I'm being slow and cautious about all the shapes at this stage. It's getting there...

I've put this model in "primer" for clarity during modeling, and have now closed up the holes at the front and rear of the fuselage, by adding their shapes. Next, the same thing was done for the wingtip tanks. I've also started on the front (intake) parts of the engine nacelles.

At this point, the model is still composed of relatively low-poly sub-d parts. It's one of the reasons that certain hard edges, like the lines where the front of the windscreen is, are still a little too smooth. That will all be fixed, as I refine the shape.

Right now I'm pouring over the documentation I have, and tweaking very small details in the various shapes. Updates will be coming soon.

Fuselage frozen, and cuts starting...

Satisfied with the exterior shape of the fuselage, I froze it to hard polys today, and began making the cuts. The windows came out really nice, and although you can't see it in these renders, I've also cut out the cabin door. (It's on the right side only)

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