NOTE: I am not at liberty to redistribute the documentation used to build this model.

Beechcraft/Raytheon/Hawker Super King Air B200 (2010 all-MODO version)

The B200 is one of the most-viewed and most-requested models on my archive site at, and rightfully so. It's a simple, rugged, great-flying aircraft, that's proven itself over a long time period in the aviation world. So, it's worthy of rebuilding it from scratch in MODO, to really make a super-detailed version. This will be a fun one to do, since I've already built one in Carrara Studio, and have some great documentation.

Starting the new model:
Video here (66 MB MP4)

Every part of this model is new, built from scratch, in MODO, beginning in December, 2009. It's a better approach than trying to edit an older model, and MODO has the tools to help me do this quickly.

Setting up some formers:

Using the the research material shown in the video above, I created polygons to match their positions, which is what you see in the next few images. Importantly, each cross-section has the same number of edges, so that I could use MODO's "bridge" function to connect them smoothly. The wings and tail parts were extruded, from one cross-section to the next, making their startup fast.

The first details...

I've started adding landing gear details to the model, and will refine them as the project continues. Following that, I cut out the inboard and outboard flaps, and the ailerons.

It's starting to look like a King Air...

All control surfaces cut out of tail surfaces. Fuselage details coming next.

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