Why use 3D, rather than photography or traditional illustration?

Simply put, "You can present things in a way that may not be possible in real life".

  • Reduce or eliminate costly physical prototypes, by fixing problems in the computer model.
  • Depict Impossible locations and viewpoints (i.e., pass a camera though an object that's impossible in the real world)
  • Images and Animation for their pure entertainment value (including games)
  • Product design and visualization, before manufacturing - Useful for your prospective investors
  • Virtual displays of things that simply don't exist
  • Forensic recreations for lawyers
  • Simulations
  • Art - To many of us, 3D is the method we choose to express ourselves
  • Animation, for entertainment, and/or mechanical visualization
  • Advertising: Maintain precise control over the images your clients see.
  • Kiosk-type displays for museums, galleries, and other exhibits


A few examples...

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