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In February of 2009, I did a gag product design for something I wish for, from Apple… a "tablet-type" computer, with a Cintiq-style stylus. It was strictly a joke, and a modeling exercise, and you can see that article at ipad_ipen_01.html. Since this was fictional, and I don't need any legal hassles with Apple, I decided to rename all these future products.

So…My future, fictitious company is called simply "n". It's a place for me to put far-out future ideas in one place, under a common brand name. Welcome to the first installment of what will surely become more insane as time goes on.

Welcome to the world of "n".

The Premise...

There's no specific date on this world, but it's far enough into the future where nearly all energy and materials problems have been solved, with no harmful effects. Energy and propulsion largely come from quantum-level discoveries, and materials are almost all "smart" nanomaterials. Computer power is off the hook, and my huge techno-conglomorate, "n", makes nearly everything, having absorbed Lockheed Martin and Boeing long ago.


This is my idea of a cool little 2-person vehicle designed for local transportation and regional cruising. There isn't much room to store supplies, so the passengers' duration limits the range. It's a "sports car".

Made in MODO - Fast!

nTime™ - Research, in the fourth dimension

Thanks to our proprietary VIOA™, (Virtual Infinite Optical Array) and our database of observations over nearly 100 years, you can now visually experience nearly any moment in past time, as far back as approximately 3 billion years. Select your time and space coordinates, and within moments, you're seeing what happened there, in full 360-degree neural color. A viewport is provided for use during startup and shutdown, but blacks out when the unit is in time-view mode. Capsule is climate-controlled, and holds an appropriate number of snacks and drinks.

To allow for safety during prolonged immersion, our protective capsule provides SmartCarbon™ nanoprotection, easily withstanding temperatures of plus or minus 2 million degrees, pressure conditions from deep vacuum to 2000 atmospheres, and impacts up to 300 G's. During any emergency, such as an earthquake or fire, the software will interrupt your session, and alert you to the problem, while providing full protection.

And... They come with a leopard skin-patterned nanoblanket!

NOTE: 3D modelers who use "MODO" will be delighted to know that with the included nMind Pro™, all of your adventures are recorded, for later translation to "lxo" format. So, enjoy your time travel, and do your research in FOUR dimensions!

To use the "nMind Pro™" system here calls for surgery...

Not ready for surgery, or can't afford it?

The "nRing" allows you to perform many software functions by pointing, and includes ring-type shuttle controls, as well as audio/video capability, for away-from-computer operations. Since it's a complete traveling data solution, it can serve as an audio/video player, interfacing with the "nVisor". (not shown here) See your local dealer, (in the year 2090) for details.

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