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2015 "L Craft" Future Fighter Concept Project

Everybody likes spaceships.

I don't do many fictional projects, but this is something I've thought about for a while, so I've finally decided on some basic shapes and prerequisites, and have gotten a start on this project. For the time being, it's going under the code name "L Craft". (I'll reveal why later, which is kind of funny.) The concept is that propulsion and weapons at this stage in the future (whenever that is) have become very small and lightweight, which allows this sort of vehicle to be built. It's designed to be a one-pilot vehicle, and to travel in both the atmosphere, and in space. More later, as the concept develops. For now, there's not a lot of detail, but I'm enjoying playing with the basic shapes.

NOTE: This model, as it appears on the final page of the article, is now available in my 3D Catalog.

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