3D Animation

Most of my customer-related animation work is done to visualize future designs, produce client presentations for their concept, etc.. These movies don't have a "plot", in most cases. Typically, they're just designed to show you the model. Many of these loop, so simply turn them off when you've had enough. Toward the bottom of this page, there are some truly goofy ones, made in the "old days" of 3D. Some are creative, and some are simply the result of having some fun. Thank you for taking a look! (There are a ton of other animations scattered throughout the "Modeling Projects" articles.)

Recent animations made in "MODO": (2008 to present)

Click any image to see the animation. (Most recent work at the top)

Boeing 747-8 Gear Extension
(6 MB)
At the end, gear rotates to it's ground orientation.

QC2 Exterior

Older work, done in "Carrara Studio": (2000 to 2007)

Some ancient animations, when software wasn't quite so robust...(1995 - 1999)

I'm putting these here for the sake of humor, not to impress. (!) When we first made these, they were very "high-tech", and were taking our computers to the limit. But... My interest in 3D began in the late 1970's, long before these animations were made. If you want to read about some of that, which was REALLY primitive, see my 3D Origins page.

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