NOTE: I am not at liberty to redistribute the documentation used to build this model.

2015 "L Craft" Future Fighter Concept Project

The complete (future) history of the L Craft:

First, here's the 2040 Presidential press conference announcement. Click here to view the PDF.

Here's the video...(These are ".m4v" files which will probably trigger a download.)

View it at 1920 X 1080 resolution here. (183.6 mb)

View it at 1280 X 720 resolution here. (122 mb)

A few still images from the video:

The images here are all rendered at 1920 X 1080. To see them in full resolution, drag them to your desktop.

There are plenty of details I'll be adding to this project as time goes on, but this essentially completes the back story and "history" of this ship. Below are some "everyday ops" renders.

Features (Available when in MODO ("lxo) or FBX format)

  • Detailed cockpit with lighting controls
  • Canopy opens and closes (includes animated jackscrew)
  • Landing/Taxi lights, flashing beacons and wingtip position lights
  • Simulated thrust uses volumetric light
  • Retractable landing gear with sequencing doors (Wheels roll properly when on ground)
  • Opening/Closing Weapons bays (with weapons) and opening/closing radome (with radar)
  • Animated retraction/extension of boarding ladder
  • Animated pilot head, for turning left and right

Bonus - Adjustable "Wear and Tear"

You can have your "L Craft" in any condition you like, from factory-new to battle-worn, by simply moving a slider.
This animation shows the effect, going from new to worn, in 10 seconds.


Using the "Volume Cloud fly thru" movie originally released as a demo of volumetrics in MODO 601, I created this scene. First, I converted the movie to an image sequence, then loaded it into a new scene, where some slight movements of both the L Craft and the camera were added. Then, I rendered this as an image sequence, and added a sound clip from Apple's "Garage Band".

This model is now available in my 3D Catalog.

More coming soon....

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