Cessna T-50 "Bobcat" Final details

I've spent some time fine-tuning all the control cables and chains, and in that process, have added the chains for the landing gear drive system and flap system. I don't think I'll add the internal cables for the trim system (separate from the main controls) until the end, because I may not have enough RAM left to do it. And, they don't show anyway, with the cabin interior liner installed. Gotta save what's left for the "paint".

The cable and chain control system.

External frames and strips

This aircraft has many instances of "frames" or "strips" which cover external seams, such as around the window areas and cowling seams. I'm finishing those up before I finalize the fuselage skin, with the "sag". (Correctly identified as "taunting") I'm also finalizing the interior (fabric) liner, so I've made several see-through renderings, to check the fit.

The window frames shown below will have rivets installed, then will be "painted", like the rest of the aircraft.

(No frame on the center window on this side, because it's built into the cabin door)


The movie here (3.5MB MP4) shows what I've been doing for a LONG time, in the last couple of days... Rivets!
And some images below, to show the results.


Click here for a not-so-serious animation of the build process of this model, which is now finished, except for texturing. (17.9MB MP4).

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