Cessna T-50 "Bobcat" - The newest parts...

Here are some new (and/or improved) parts, in close-up...

I don't expect most people to see the instrument panel up this close, but if they do... Here's a thank you to Jon and Terry.

The roller assemblies for the cockpit seats.

The instrument panel, with some color correction for the main panel, and the primer knob.

The newest version of the hangar scene...

Click here for a 5-second animation of this scene.

The Engines - Jacobs 7 cylinder, air-cooled radial (245 to 300 hp)

I've been putting this off, until I felt confident with MODO's tools. (I do now.) So, I decided to do the engines. They're tricky, mostly because of all those curvy little cooling fins. Here's my start on them.

More on the engines...

Here are some corrections and improvements on the engines.

Here, I've made a texture map from a photo of Terry's actual engine plate, and used it as the ID plate on the model.

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