Some work on the Boeing 727-100 interior, before moving on to the flaps.

The exterior is looking good, and my next task is the complex triple-slotted flap parts.

I've placed a couple of bulkheads in the fuselage, so that you can't see into the cabin through the cockpit windows, but the rest of the interior is quite bare. First, I added a floor.

Once the floor was established I created an interior cabin liner, with the lighting, overhead compartments, heating ducts at the bottom, etc.. Next, I added 120 seats in the cabin, and three (different) seats in the cockpit, along with an animatable door, shown open here.

Lavatories, Galley, and Hanging Storage:

Since I've put some interior parts in, I felt that I should put these parts in too, at the rear of the fuselage. So, here are two lavatories, a galley, and some storage for oversize carry-on items.

Some revisions, and starting the cockpit:

I've discovered that the rearmost closet doesn't belong there. (That's where the remaining few steps for the rear "airstairs" go.) So, I've moved the hanging storage forward, between the coach and first-class seats, and added the first-class seats and a cabin divider. I've also started on the cockpit area.

Below, I've created the rear pressure door for the rear stairs, and finished the visible linkage that opens and closes them.

I'm still pondering the best way to do those flaps… In the meantime, some more details have been added to the flight deck.

A tour of the Boeing 727-100 project, as it stands today:

Click here for a tour of the project, as it stands today. (280 MB MP4)

I'm starting to build a library of knobs and switches to use on the rest of the panel. Here, the first few are installed.

One of the details I've planned to add for a while are the vortex generators on the vertical fin. (the small row of blades) I've copied the pattern from the actual aircraft.

I've done a little more "metal work" on the cockpit area, and am going to take a break on this part of the aircraft, to search for some better photos. In the meantime, I'm moving back to the wing flap system.

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