Boeing 727-100 - Cutouts in the wings and tail parts:

As with the fuselage, I've used the reference drawings to create a number of boolean cutters, to cut out the wing and tail control surfaces. These cuts aren't difficult to make, but especially in the flap/spoiler area, it's important what order they're made in, since some of the wing's area is shared by both parts. Some copying and pasting will do the trick.

I'm making step-by-step screen-capture videos of all these operations, which will appear in "Modeling with MODO, Volume Three - Jets!", but these still images will give you the idea.

All the cuts have been made now, and the respective parts have been pasted into their own mesh layers, so they can be shaped further, and also be separately animatable. Once I've shaped the leading edges of the flaps and ailerons, thickened the spoilers, etc., they won't look so flat.

I've done some detail work on the small parts of the wing, added some simple leading edges to all of the cut out control surfaces, and started to add some materials.

There's still plenty of detail to add, but it's coming along. Here's one of my reference photos, and my current results with the model.

The rear "airstairs"

Here's my start on the rear airstairs, entryway, etc..

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