Northrop T-38 "Talon"

Landing Gear Detail:

I'm using reference photos to do the landing gear details, rather than precision drawings, so I have to guess at the geometry of some of these parts. For now, I'm trying to get all the individual pieces in their correct position, and establish the pivot points for possible future rigging. I'll add more detail as the project continues.

I've added the nose gear steering servo and hydraulic line, several support plates, the nuts and bolts on the wheels, and some of the main gear supports.

Fuselage frozen, and canopy cut out…

I always enjoy this step with any fighter-type aircraft, because it starts to come alive, when the canopy is cut out. Onward, with the details!

MODO 501… Modeling luxury

MODO 501's new modeling features, including Pixar Subdivision Surfaces, or "Psubs" are a great addition, Giving finer control over areas that previously (in sub-d mode) would;ve been troublesome. A good example is the canopy area on this aircraft, where you want to have smooth flowing curves for the glass, and for parts of the frames, and hard edges for other parts of the frame, right next to them. This is a great modeling feature, as well as a great time saver.

Proxy cockpit parts, and a little compositing:

Couldn't resist trying a composite shot, after placing a temporary crew in the Talon.

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