NOTE: I am not at liberty to redistribute the documentation used to build this model.

2015 F-22 "Raptor" High Resolution Project

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A little pause here, for planning: (Summer, 2016)

I'm gathering as much additional documentation as I can right now on the cockpit interior, and am making notes on the interior structural items, so that I start building them in an order that makes sense. It's often a good idea to just sit back and review what's been done so far, before making the next steps. (The final "paint" and all the various exterior markings, will be done toward the end of the project.)

I put together this brief animation to thank Rich Hurrey for his wonderful rigging course, and it shows the current state of the Raptor's animatable parts.

This movie may take a few moments to load. Press the "Play" button to repeat.
Better yet, click here for the 720p version with music.

In the meantime, here are a few recent renders, showing how I've made the panels a bit more subtle, and tweaked a few of the shapes, such as the main landing gear doors. It's an ongoing process, as I review photos, etc..

Below - The Raptor, along with my Boeing 787-8 "Dreamliner" model

Updates as of February, 2020...

If you've followed the timeline of this project, you might wonder if I'm going to continue with the interior structures. The short answer is "yes", but I have to balance this with some real-world projects I'm busy with, and because (in detail) this will be the most complex modeling part of the project. So, I'm being extra careful to develop a plan, so that I don't paint myself into a corner, by doing things in the wrong order. Check in occasionally, and you'll see progress.

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