Super King Air B200 - More exterior details...

I've added the dorsal fins at the base of the vertical fin, and under the tail, the wing./fuselage fairing, improved the nacelle intake duct, and refined the shape of the control surfaces. Getting ready to cut all the openings in the fuselage, and the gear doors, next.

Making the fuselage openings:

I made all the cutouts in the fuselage in my usual MODO way… First I froze the geometry, then used a variety of boolean cutters, in "stencil" mode.
For a brief movie of the process, click here. (Give it a couple of minutes to load. It's about 52 MB - MP4)

Here are the cutters, created using the drawings.

The cutters, positioned in the fuselage.

The results…

I created a copy of the fuselage to simulate the cabin liner, and cut it at the same time.

Although there's still plenty to add to this model, I thought a couple of beauty shots were in order, so here they are.

Landing gear doors, and nose vents:

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