The QC2 includes these features:

  • Propulsion and environmental protection provided by Boeing's "Posi-Flow" emitter, and "Quantum Collector". This provides propulsion in atmospheric, undersea, and space environment modes. The emitter provides a tight field around the entire vehicle, so that the coefficient of drag is virtually non-existent. When another vehicle comes within a collision-possible range, the field automatically expands to a 1000-foot diameter safety field with damped edges, to provide safety for both vehicles.
  • Equipped with Lockheed Martin's "IGPS" ("Interplanetary Global Positioning System") so normal flight operations require only one crew member. Two crew members add safety and endurance.
  • Each of the six occupants can carry a large suitcase, small suitcase, garment bag, and small carry-on items. Each window can be polarized electrically, to darken the viewport. (and, in the case of the shower window, for privacy) During space flight, the viewports automatically lighten and darken, according the local radiation sources.
  • There is a 500 gallon water tank under the luggage compartment, to provide both drinking water and lavatory/shower water..
  • The main cabin includes four corporate-style "1st class" seats, which recline fully, and include heated surfaces, for individual comfort levels. There are three large storage bins along each side of the cabin, as well as two refrigerators in the cabin, and plenty of free space in front of the seats, allowing the passengers to stretch out and move around. Each side of the cabin has it's own large, high-definition video display, and each two-seat module has it's own digital control panel for various cabin and seat functions.
  • A shower and dressing area is provided, separate from the lavatory.
  • Food packs in the galley, in addition to the cabin refrigerators, contain food/beverage packs with enough meals and snacks for six people, for about 1 week. The middle lavatory compartment includes a door, allowing in-flight access to the luggage compartment.

Landing Gear Changed:

At the suggestion of fellow MODOnaut Vincent Bos, I've changed the landing gear from a wheeled type to a "pads" type, for more realistic use in the undersea mode.

In-flight magazine:

Hallway and Galley area placards:

Engine details/Ground Support:

Going home...

After a trip to a space station near Saturn, on the way home.

Jupiter fly-by

A little undersea sightseeing...

Back home

Alien Land

A little follow-up on the "Death Ray"...

More placards and a logo added

Saturn fly-by (NASA background photo)

At the field:

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