A restart, for accuracy...

While there are a huge number of B2 photos available on the net, there are no really good drawings to help with making a precision model. After some thought, I decided to try a technique I used in the past, to create some cross sections from a physical model. You can see that article here.

First, the rather large Testors model was sliced up as you see below, to produce the major intersections where the trailing edge changes shape.

Each slice was physically scanned on a flatbed scanner, then imported into Photoshop for some cleanup. You can see here that one of the advantages of slicing a physical model is that you gain some interior details, too.

These were then imported into MODO as backdrop images, and scaled to the appropriate size, all at once, to match the main reference images.

Next, I used "edge connect" to create the basic shape from those sections.

After adding a couple of edge loops, so the parts would stand up in sub-d mode, I've continued to tweak the shape a bit. Here are a couple of renders.

Update, September 2013:

I hate the idea that this is such a devastating weapon, but as an aviation enthusiast, I'd love to model it accurately. From my point of view, this still isn't possible... just not enough dependable documentation. So, this project is on hold until I'm convinced that I can do it justice. When I feel that I can resume this project and complete it, the updates will start to appear here.

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